Lin Yi said, "How could Xiao Lin lie to you? Remember never to let them get hurt then, otherwise it will be worthless and you can’t talk nonsense again."

Looking back, I nodded and said, "Well, if you are always injured, you won’t let them get hurt. If you are old, you won’t talk nonsense. Everything is up to you." Lin Yi thought about the rescue plan and sneaked into the temple with hope of returning. The moonlight of the White Temple glows miserably. […]

Although it has long been known that they have feelings and have seen two different things with their own eyes, they have never had any affectionate actions in front of people for so many years. Every time they are cold and faint in front of people, now they are not shy about hugging and hugging in front of themselves from behind the stage …

Her heart is blocked badly, one is her own daughter, the other is her brother-in-law who grew up, and as a result, they all hide her and treat her like a fool. Her blood pressure continued to rise, and she was so flustered that she grabbed herself and put it in the chair bag. She […]

Dali is adjacent to small countries such as Jiaojiao Bagan, but the farther south, the more complicated the climate is, and many places are even more inaccessible.

It is obviously a great risk for the Chinese army to enter these places. A careless word is a big defeat. And these small countries are also relying on this natural geographical and natural advantage, otherwise the Central Plains Dynasty will certainly not let these small countries go. However, now that Chu Yi has plundered […]

If Yun Nie doesn’t feel wrong, this thing seems to be … a mechanical bug?

Yes! Tens of millions of mechanical worms have formed strange "worm balls" by stacking complex structures, and these "worm balls" are the basic units that constitute this material! I feel that there is nothing wrong with it. This thing is actually … "Mi Yin"? I didn’t expect mechanical worms to form a structure like Lego, […]

"So good!"

Satisfied nodded PeiWende until then officially set their sights on the Bai Mudan in Xuanyang’s bosom. Different from the previous aggressive Pei Wende, his eyes are unusually gentle at the moment. Looking at that Bai Mudan, he couldn’t help swaying slightly. Bai Mudan can feel Pei Wende’s goodwill. That kind of natural affinity is even […]